Everywhere and nowhere  : 2 opposite words , the first defines the “ubiquitus” while the other defies it.

Της Μαρίας Νικολέτας Σουλούνια

Words intertwined by a thin cord, a fragile yet powerful golden thread which can determine the alive from the dead.

Apparatus of the three Moirai , the goddesses who dictate each human’s fate.

Klotho, the youngest the one who spins the thread of  life.

Delegated by her parents Themis and Zeus to elect  whose life will be born and whose will be spared.

Lachesis, the middle sis , the appointer, the one who decides how long the thread will be.

Will it be long, will it be short ?

Nevertheless, there is no wrong , as it is said , in regards  to  what gods and goddesses strongly aspire to believe.

Finally, Atropos, the oldest daughter of them all, the wisest yet with the cruelest attitude ,the one who cuts the strand, leaving the rest beloved stranded on an island of solitude.

From that moment, within a split of a second , after the cord is slit ,everything seizes  as the norm of order is contemned.

Everywhere and nowhere

Everywhere and nowhere

The borders of time and space no longer obey to the laws of  cosmic arrangement .

On the contrary, they become fearless , they are fool, as they shall not follow any rule.

Even,” everywhere” and “nowhere” , terms once antonyms are now synonyms.

No spatial nor time constraint  explain the journey of daily odyssey, as “everywhere” and “nowhere”  now collide.

But chaos is bittersweet, “chaos” is compassionate, since  with disorder oxymoron rises.

See, now that time and space have changed their normative phase, your seat  in the living room is no longer empty.

Inside your car, there is your scar on your cross that is still wired around the small mirror opposite to the rear window, shielding us while on route.

Though, you might be physically nowhere now, the thought of YOU accompanies us everywhere and somehow just like that you are omnipresent.

You are with me at my home, at our house, at work, even when I go to places we have never been  together before.

Because there is no day that I do not wish to whisk myself off and hop on a travel machine to our days together  .

Everywhere and nowhere

To those sunny days when you would put the song “daddy cool” on while driving and look back proudly from that same mirror ,smiling at me and Theodora.

Or to those summer days  when we were kids and you would carry us on your arms inside the beach  and flip us backwards to the sea…

And here we are today, on fathers day reminiscing YOU.

Your kindness,your humor, your playful laughter that melted the hearts of  your beloved daughters…