Hello, We are Thanos (24yearoldand Stathis (24yearoldand are respectively postgraduates s tudents in the MBA in Greece of University of Kentucky and in professional postgraduate of ACCA and togethe rconstitute the team of StudyBase. The competition of Social Impact Award was the spark in order to create the collaboration of two economic students but also childhood friends with purpose of the creation of social enterprise where we are sure that it will improve the choices of Disabled, future students, students and anyone who wants to select an academic course in the sector of Education. The competition of Social Impact Award gives us the possibility of materializing our personal idea for which we are sure that it will by far improve the academic course and the professional training of many young person’s while we can cover the gap of professional orientation and to help young students from the start of their academic career. The battle for the education is daily, some of us  continues wanting to advance also somebodies continuously try they improve the situation or to improve themselves.

This is why the team of StudyBase is asking for your vote in the world community voting in order to we can make reality an idea which is the mirror of ourselves and which will help the young person’s to decide alone them for their future and to take risks. If you want to learn more about us but also in order to vote for us you can follow the following steps: Voting for a winner is simple and just takes 5 steps.

  1. Press this link  http://socialimpactaward.gr/community-voting/ or http://socialimpactaward.gr/?page_id=696
  2. Watch our video : StudyBase
  3. If you liked our video vote StudyBase  and 2 more videos(schoolfive and Ownfunding)
  4. The page will jump to the top where you can click the button to register. Register using your email (a confirmation email will be sent to you) or facebook, twitter & google.
  5. After that, don’t forget to click to submit your votes.

  With you rhelp,we can be the winners o fSocial Impact awards Greece  2014